Berlin – a blend of many realities that is unique among the capitals of the Western World. Heritage and modernity, counter-culture and the mainstream live side by side. But Berlin is changing, and fast. It’s uniqueness is fast being homogenised by unregulated speculation and gentrification. This film explores these changes through the intimate journey into Berlin’s ‘Kneipes’ – the city’s beloved pubs. They are disappearing and with them something that can never be regained.

This is a film about belonging. It is about love, loss and friendship. It is about the nature of security and insecurity, and what community means in a world that is ever more disconnected and lonely. It is an intimate portrait of a fragile and threatened world which is broadly unappreciated, yet to which Berlin owes more of its uniqueness than is often understood. This film is about the past, present and the choices we make that will determine the future.