10 years ago, in the midst of the financial crisis. a report landed on the desk of the then UK Prime Minister. In it lay the blueprint for a new economics, one which could not only pave a way out of the crisis, but also lay down the foundations for an entirely new shift in approaching the notion of prosperity and hope.

Revolutionary ideas rarely have easy passage, however. The report was buried and it’s author, Professor Tim Jackson, summarily dismissed from his post as Economics Advisor and thrown into professional and personal crisis. Yet the report was uncovered, published and became a global bestseller.



And he’s found it.

Filmed over 4 years in Honduras and the UK, the this fascinating film presents a historic opportunity to address one of the most urgent issues of the present day. It parallels the farmer’s struggles with Mike Hands attempts to get heavyweight political backing, as he tries to get the Inga Tree and alley-cropping technique onto the agenda at the 2009 Copenhagen Summit. But is the world ready to listen?

Director/Camera: Adam Wakeling

Duration: 90′ / 52′

Executive Producers: Christopher Hird

Editing: TBC

Sound Design: TBC

NRW Gerd Ruge Development Funding 2013

EU MEDIA Development Funding 2013

Sunnyside of the Doc 2016 – Best Global Issues pitch award



Presales: NRK Norway, SVT Sweden